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Playing The Henry Stickmin Collection is fun enough on its own. But it’s more exciting to get medals for your achievements! These shiny things are received for completing various tasks in the process of passing the level. The tasks can be different, from experiencing a set number of unique falls to finishing the story in a certain way. For each of them, you will be awarded some points, so it’s worth trying! Most of the times, you can only find out about the achievement accidentally after you perform its conditions. But if you want to collect all of them, you should know precisely what you need to do for it. Here are some of the achievements you can get in The Henry Stickmin Collection.

First of all, points are given for various types of endings. Badass, sneaky and lame endings in certain episodes will all bring you points. Besides, achievements are awarded for finding Easter eggs – for instance, clicking all the doughnuts and bagels. So whenever you try your hand at escaping the prison, look out for these tasty treats and don’t skip a single one! As you probably noticed, many of Henry’s endeavors end up in a rather painful way. In particular, he falls very often. Did you know that you can fall in a huge number of ways in this game? Adding all available types of falls to your failure list will also give you an achievement you can be proud of! Wanna find out more? Play The Henry Stickmin Collection, try different endings and ways to reach your goal and you’ll eventually gather all the achievements the developers have in store for you!

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