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Are you ready to set out on a series of thrilling adventures that may lead you to completely unexpected consequences? That’s right, you can’t possibly know how another story of The Henry Stickman Collection will end because the endings may vary based on your choices! This is the hallmark feature of the game allowing you to literally affect the course of the plot. Every time you make a decision, it may lead to one of the possible branches of the storyline. Try your luck and give your fate into the hand of pure chance! You will be making all kinds of choices that will define your future. Which way to go? Which object to use? Does it make sense to fight the guard or should you try and silently sneak your way out while he isn’t looking? The thing is that you can’t be sure about the further evolution of events, so if you want to guarantee yourself from dangers, you’d better use our cheats!

The Henry Stickman Collection cheats will open a great number of new opportunities for you. You will be able to save yourself from painful falls, get access to various items and weapons, even avoid death. Now you are even more independent from the script and can manipulate what happens next to a much greater extent. Just enter the right code and enjoy the amazing effect! With cheats, you will actually be able to predict another unexpected turn of the plot and do something about it. The main character will have more chances of surviving and getting out of the trouble successfully. Discover the incredible gameplay of Henry Stickman Collection from a new side, take advantage of our cheats and never get caught off guard again!

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