Henry Stickmin: Completing Update

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Ever after Henry Stickmin tried to rob the bank, his life changed drastically. And now, when he finally hoped to have a moment of piece, he is dragged into a new whirlpool of events! It was a usual day, nothing boded any trouble. Henry was surfing the internet on his computer when a group of soldiers bursted into his place and captured him. It turned out the government still keeps an eye on our hero and plans to use him for a secret operation against the Toppat Clan. This group of mutineers has long been acting against the authorities, but nobody has been able to snatch them yet. You are offered a role of a special agent who needs to sneak onboard of their aircraft and find all necessary evidence. Then the government promises to drop all charges against you. And if not… welcome back to prison. Seems like Henry has no choice. So he is preparing to set out on this highly dangerous and eventful mission.

Just like before, you’re going to make a lot of choices that will affect the further course of action. There are four ways in which the story can evolve. In the first, you are going to work together with a pilot named Charles to discover proof of the Toppat Clan’s guilt. If you want to restore justice and show yourself a noble citizen, go ahead! Perhaps you prefer more action and adrenaline. In that case, there is an option to drop the investigation and go right for the leader of the clan instead. However, this is much riskier and you can’t possible predict how the whole thing is going to end, so be careful! In yet another alternative version, Henry explores the aircraft and suddenly catches sight of a huge ruby. His sticky hands immediately start itching and he decides to get to the stone even if it means blowing his cover. The fourth possible storyline is the most dubious and may have the worst consequences. Check out the updated version of The Henry Stickmin Collection and enjoy the thrill!

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