The Henry Stickman 2020

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Do you think Henry Stickman understood his mistakes and dropped his criminal past after everything that happened to him? In your dreams! Get ready for a new shady adventure of the reckless guy! This time he has a much more ambitious plan in his head. Together with Henry, you are going to rob a diamond exhibition! The main item of the show costs million dollars and all it takes is to stanch it successfully right from under the security’s nose. Will our cunning friend succeed in his risky project? That’s up to you!

There are several ways for you to achieve your goal. Or at least try to do it… Firstly, you can try and break through the front entrance riding a scooter. That will give you an advantage of being unexpected and fast. Prepare to be opposed by numerous guards and pursued by the police. This is going to be a spectacular chase that can end either in your surrender or an epic fall into the river. It depends on you whether you’ll be able to get out of there alive!

Or you can try a less conspicuous method, although not the easiest one. The walls of the museum where the diamond is exhibited are pretty flimsy, so you hope to break one of them with a pickaxe. What you clearly didn’t foresee is that there is a ghost living inside it! But is it friend or foe? Maybe the ghost will help you? You are about to find out! Finally, you can act in the style of famous robbers and sneak in elegantly by teleporting to the roof. From there, you need to make your way to the diamond dodging the guards and using various tricky gadgets. It’s important to perform everything neatly and quietly break the glass dangling from the ceiling on a thin wire. Do you think you can do it? Play The Henry Stickman 2020 and discover what awaits you in the end of each alternative story!

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