Fleeing The Complex

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Fleeing The Complex is another part of Henry Stickmin’s adventures. This time he failed badly and found himself in a secret super-protected complex, where only the most dangerous criminals are delivered. At least now he can be proud of his reputation! But what should he do next and how to organize an escape? He succeeded last time, but now Henry is watched much more carefully. An evil and uncompromising security guard Dmitry Petrov is assigned to him and definitely won’t cut him any slack. In this part of game, a character appears for the first time who can become your ally – a girl named Ellie. Apparently, she is also at odds with the law and won’t mind escaping with you. You meet in the waiting room where you have to spend a few minutes before a cell is found for you. These few minutes can be decisive, because they can be used to try and escape!

Watch closely what is happening on the screen and, as soon as the guard turns his back on you, take one of the available actions. You can attack the jailer, although there is no guarantee that you will defeat him in a fight. There is a hatch on the ceiling – you don’t know where it leads, but you can ask Ellie to help you get inside. Finally, you can go for a trick and fake your own death. The dead body will be thrown outside the prison, and a new round of adventures will begin for you. And if you want to play longer, just wait for the transfer to the cell and act according to the circumstances. An exciting exploration of the complex, fights with guards, the ability to use various objects, an encounter with the paranormal, and even a miraculous rescue that will determine the course of events in the next part are waiting for you! Play Fleeing The Complex online and help Henry get free again!

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