The Henry Stickman Collection Unblocked

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3.8 stars (72votes)

An exciting story is one of the main criteria by which we choose online games. We want to participate in exciting and unpredictable events, where each turn of the plot will escalate the atmosphere, and at the end we will have an epic ending. But the trouble is that as soon as we have passed the game, we already know what awaits us at every step. The plot is written and predetermined, and we can only obediently follow it. This may interest you for the first time, but you will hardly want to return to such a game. The Henry Stickmin Collection unblocked is quite another matter!

Here you act as a co-author, creating circumstances and deciding the fate of your character. The game gives you a choice, which determines the further development of events. Of course, this choice is limited to just a few options. But each of them entails new ramifications of the plot. The result is a story with many alternative endings. You will have to play more than once to explore them all!

In the course of the plot, Henry will get into different unpleasant situations, and you, as a faithful companion, will have to pull him out of there. Together with our character, you will visit different parts of the world, from the desert to the prison, and take part in adventures that will charge you with energy and positive impressions for the whole day ahead. And despite all the difficulties that you will face, don’t forget that all this is just a game and you will always have a chance to correct your mistake!

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