The Henry Stickman Collection

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We like the unexpected. We hate predictability and get depressed when our lives become too measured and monotonous. What is the point of participating in an adventure if you can calculate for sure how it will end? Plunging into the unknown is a totally different thing! Remember the feeling when you hold your breath looking around the corner, having no idea if you will see an enemy pointing a gun at you there or a door through which you can escape? These are the games we like the most. And The Henry Stickman Collection fully meets these requirements!

And even more – there are several options for the course of events, which all end in different ways. It all depends on what choice you make. Should you go left or right? Attack or hide? Throw yourself boldly ahead or cautiously go around? Which of the items in the inventory to use in the current situation? To be successful and complete your plan, you will have to answer all of these questions. And you need to answer them quickly, because time is running out! The situation is tense to the limit, your opponents are already close, they will try to stop you. The path that seems the safest may lead into the abyss, and the most perilous choice may be the right one. There is nothing left but to take risks and rely on luck!

Each episode will send you to a certain location, from which you have to get out completing various tasks along the way. Before you make your first choice, you will be shown a short sketch where you will be briefed and explained what is happening. Then you will see prompts on the screen – that is, the options that are available to you. Your opportunities are pretty wide: you can use windows, doors and hatches on the ceiling, move in different directions and interact with some objects. With their help, you can break locks, penetrate into hard-to-reach places, climb walls or, on the contrary, make your way down from a height. In some places there will be weapons for self-defense. However, they can work against you, so even if you picked up a machine gun or a grenade, don’t feel almighty!

In addition, you will meet different characters. Some will help you, others will chase you and try to kill you. Some are not sure yet about their attitude towards you, and your decisions can change the balance of power in your favor. As well as turn them against you, so don’t really count on anyone! Take part in the incredible adventures of Henry Stickman and decide the fate of your character with your own choices!

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