The Henry Stickmin Collection 2

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In this chapter of The Henry Stickmin Collection, you will be helping the main hero break out of prison. As you remember, after an unsuccessful bank robbery, our friend was imprisoned and didn’t like it very much. He wants to escape, but it won’t be easy. Fortunately, someone sends him a package with a file inside. The first choice you have to make is what to cut, a window or a door.

Let’s start with the window. Oops, no luck – our character’s camera is on the top floor, so he flies from a huge height and breaks into a puddle of blood. Now let’s try the door. Henry copes with the task pretty quickly and leaves the cell. However, the guards notice this and set off in pursuit. Runing along the corridors, the hero finds himself in a room where there is a bunch of grenades and a chair. Both of these items are interactive, and again you have to choose what to use. From the previous game we remember that our hero has rather bad fortune with explosives: throwing a grenade at the guards, Henry misses, the projectile ricochets off the wall and flies back into the room. Our friend is dead! Now there is only one way out – to crawl through the ventilation shaft, climbing into it with the help of a chair.

The path is long and winding, there are many nooks and turns in the tunnel. Where to go next? If you turn left, you will fall into a room where the guards have just gathered to discuss pressing concerns. Of course they will put you back in your cell. A right turn leads to the roof. Here you will discover options like a cable car, parachute, jetpack and suction cups to safely descend the wall. One of these items will definitely come in handy for you, but which exactly is up to you to decide!

There are also other ways to get out of prison in the game. For example, you can use a teleport (although it is unknown where it will take you), try to shoot the guards from a machine gun, gulp an energy drink that will stop time, or drink a transparency potion that will make you invisible. You can even hire a lawyer! The course of the trial is a separate storyline. The case may end differently depending on what evidence you provide and how you build your defense. Anyway, it is impossible to predict the result, you will have to act hit-or-miss. There are only a few happy endings in The Henry Stickmin Collection 2, where our hero successfully leaves the prison and finds himself free. In other scenarios, he will fail. Test all your possibilities and enjoy the crazy plot twists!


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