Henry Stickmin: Completing the Mission

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Do you want to know how the epic adventures of Henry Stickmin ended? Then you should definitely play Completing the Mission, the final part of the game! Here events will take on a truly global scale. It will no longer be about the fate of the protagonist himself, but about the future of all mankind. The government is on the hunt for the leader of the mysterious Toppat Clan, an underground organization planning a world coup. For this purpose, they are going to launch a rocket that will control what’s happening on the ground from the orbit. The authorities are terrified, they are looking for volunteers to help stop the intruders. Henry again found himself in the center of events and now he must choose a side – or stay on his own and try to benefit from the situation, as it is easy to guess knowing our hero, purely material!

So, what options are there in the game? First, our character can become a government agent and conduct a secret operation at the base of the Toppat Clan. If this doesn’t work from the ground, you will have to fly into space and arrange a major breakdown at the orbital station, which the rebels are building. It will be even more interesting! However, as a result, you can be captured and sent to prison. But it’s not the first time for Henry to get out of prison! Surely there are a lot of interesting rooms and things at the station. You can even put some of them in your pockets … There is no doubt someone will pay a large sum for them. This will fully compensate for all of Henry’s troubles after he tried to improve his financial situation with a bank robbery!

What if you decide that the government has outlived its usefulness and our planet needs new leaders? Perhaps the Toppat Clan are the very people who can make life on earth better? If you are sure of this, you can try to join the rebellious organization and oppose the official authorities together with them. By the way, remember Ellie from the prison complex? She is also here, and it depends on your choice whether she will want to help you on your adventures or turn against you. Henry Stickmin: Completing the Mission has 16 alternate endings – we’ve never seen so many of them before! Discover them all and choose which one you like best!

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