The Henry Stickmin Collection

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What’s the easiest way to get rich? Rob the bank, of course. It’s also the most dangerous, though. After all, there is no guarantee that the plan you have invented will work and the police won’t catch you. In addition, unforeseen difficulties may arise in the process and you’ll have to improvise to deal with them. But our hero is not afraid of such prospects! He is ready to take the risk and go on an epic heist, choosing as his goal the most secure bank in the middle of the desert. Will he be able to cope with this difficult task? It all depends on you, because it is you who will help him make the right choice!

And so Henry stands in front of a high wall separating him from the treasures, and ponders how he can get to work. He has several tools at his disposal. Which one should he choose? Let’s start with the classic shovel. With its help, the hero diligently digs a tunnel. Moving underground, he sees some pipe, but can’t understand what it is. An inscription is barely seen in the twilight. Trying to read it, our friend clicks a lighter and realizes that he has come across a gas pipe! We all know what happens when gas comes in contact with an open fire. Yes, that’s right – Henry is blown to pieces by a powerful explosion.

Well, it didn’t work with the shovel. But our failure suggested a different path. Perhaps we can explode the bank wall? Oh no, another misfortune – one grenade falls out of the box, and the fuse is already set on fire. So Henry once again repeats his fate. Luckily, there are many more ways in his arsenal, and he tries to cut a hole in the wall with a laser drill. However, lack of experience affects the result, and our hero is crushed by a piece of the fallen obstacle. In desperation, he tries to break through the wall with a ram, but the guards are right there – they hurry to the noise and drive our character out of the area. Look, there is a teleport! How did he end up in Henry’s inventory? It doesn’t matter, it’s worth a try! Good god, during the teleportation, the hero gets stuck inside the wall!

So far, we have had little luck. Perhaps tactical trickery will help? Henry climbs into a bag for money and lies on the road, waiting for the arrival of the collectors. It works, he is loaded into the car. And finally, our hero is inside the bank! He is carried into the vault along with other bags. Full of excitement, he gets out – and hears a siren howl. Our friend is captured and sent to prison! How is this story going to end? Find out in the next part of The Henry Stickmin Collection!

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