Henry Stickmin

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We make a choice every day. Lots of choices. We choose everything – from small things to serious decisions. What to wear today, what to eat for breakfast, where to go in the evening. What kind of work to look for, with whom to build relationships and how to behave in difficult situations. We rarely think about the role of choice in our life, even if it concerns something insignificant at first glance. Because we know only one scenario events – the one that is happening to us here and now. We can’t verify what would have happened if we had made a different choice, so alternative versions of reality simply don’t exist for us. But games like Henry Stickmin help us realize that even the smallest decisions can have big consequences!

What is this game like and how does it differ from others? Unlike standard arcades, where the story is always the same, in Henry Stickmin the plot is flexible and depends on your choice in each specific situation. There will be several of them in each episode. Choosing one option will lead you to one ending, while another choice will result in the exact opposite. How do you make the right decision? There are no rules or algorithms. A logical analysis of the circumstances can give some clue, but in the end you only have to rely on chance.

But the main thing is that during the game you can try all the options! If it didn’t work the first time, it doesn’t matter, you can just return to the starting point and replay everything. It’s much more interesting than a usual linear plot where you have no influence on what happens next. And since Henry Stickmin is not one single game, but a whole collection of adventures, the events of the new part depend on the ending of the previous! Each episode has several such endings. They may be successful or not quite, but keep in mind – the main character will be able to worm his way out of any trouble, of course, not without your help.

It is you who will lead him along the curve of events, directing him in one direction or another, sometimes literally. After all, often the choice will consist only in where to turn – right or left. And every time at the end of this path, a new surprise will await you! Don’t be afraid to miscalculate, because the game itself will tell you the possible options. You will be able to use different items and weapons to achieve your goal, and even cooperate with some characters. Of course, they may end up becoming your enemies – it again depends on your choice. Are you ready to take the risk?

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